What is Floatm8

Floatm8 is a single use gas driven personal floatation device that has been developed to help prevent drownings. The Floatm8 unit is small, compact and easy to use. It is worn around the waist and has been specifically designed to maintain an adult or childs buoyancy in potentially dangerous water conditions.





How does Floatm8 work

When required in a emergency situation, the wearer grasps the unit from around their waist and simply push the firing button at the top of the floatm8 unit to activate. This then releases an inert gas and within a few seconds a safety yellow bladder inflates providing instant floatation.


What is Floatm8 made of

The materials and components used in the construction of Floatm8 are of high quality and durability. This is imperative to be able to withstand the elements of the ocean. Furthermore we prefer to use environmentally friendly gas and materials.

The elastic lanyard is made from durable water resistant elastic. The elastic allows all users to maintain a firm fit and for all body types.

The outer casing of the activation unit is made from a UV protected molded plastic and contains the specially designed neoprene latex bladder, ensuring maximum durability during times of storage and usage. The gas unit and activating components are neatly stored in this one compact and stylish unit.





Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles are a new force and a innovative way of preventing drownings on un patrolled beaches – watch the video to see more on how Floatm8 is playing a vital roll in this new Australian Surf Life Saving initiative.


Various Colours

Available in a range of colours

  • color-img1
    Gold Chrome
  • color-img2
    Sliver Chrome
  • color-img3
    Black Chrome
  • color-img4
    Pink Chrome


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Floatm8 – A must for all water activities!