About FloatM8

Floatm8 is an Australian company founded on Queensland’s Gold Coast.


Founders, Jon Hanson and John Pearce, saw an opportunity and a need for a compact, lightweight and easy to use floatation aid.


Living close to the ocean and spending time at the beach, we recognised the sudden changes in ocean conditions, and how that can easily lead to a person getting into unexpected difficulties.   In these situations there is nothing a swimmer can do but hope to be rescued.


With this in mind, we investigated the personal floatation market and found there was nothing available for the everyday swimmer. This inspired us to design Floatm8 as a compact, light weight and easy to use personal floatation aid.


Our specific focus was to create a practical product that could provide safety and prevent drownings, giving consumers the confidence they need for being around water for a wide range of water-based activities including swimming, surfing, boating, kayaking, rock fishing, diving, and snorkeling.


Floatm8 has now been designed and patented giving Floatm8 the leading edge in water safety, as there is nothing in the global market place today that is comparative in design and affordability.


Floatm8 is also partnering with an Australian Surf Life Saving initiative using UAV’s (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles) to monitor un-patrolled beaches.


We want to be a driving force in the water safety industry. With Floatm8 we know we can achieve this goal.