Floatm8 Shorts

Floatm8 Shorts are now available with the Floatm8 unit conveniently sewn into the waistband of the shorts, thus ensuring the unit is worn in the correct position every time.The device can be activated with a one-hand action in less than five seconds, this releasing the inert gas into the latex bladder and inflating it to about the size of a volleyball. Simply lift the Velcro flap and press onto the unit and allow the unit to inflate. The unit is used once, then removed. Replacement units will be available and are easily inserted in the shorts.

Once the unit has inflated, the user can effortlessly float on their back or float on their stomach with the unit held into the chest. The shorts will be available in several prints and sizes.

Floatm8 it is not a replacement or substitute for relevant Australian standards-compliant Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) required under maritime laws for specific water-based activities.

For more information about the Floatm8 unit please click here.